About Us

Director of the Waterfront Wellness:  Wendy Ryan, PhD

Wendy Ryan has a Masters degree in Counselling and a PhD in Education (Psychopedogogy). She has been studying wellness since the 1980s when she took courses at the College of Natural Healing in Ottawa. She then got her degree in Psychology from the University of Ottawa and a teaching degree from the University of Toronto.  Wendy went on to teach Physical and Health Education for over 10 years. Then, she went back to the University of Ottawa to complete her Masters and PhD. Her mission through her Waterfront Wellness Centre is to help others achieve health, happiness, and balance in their lives. She offers counselling, life coaching, and workshops in a peaceful, waterfront environment.Wendy Ryan is a Canadian Certified Counsellor through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. She has experience counselling adults, children and teens.  Wendy provides lifestyle coaching and counselling for stress, depression, anxiety, and coping with losses such as job, divorce, illness and death. She offers eco-therapy (healing with nature). Wendy is a member of the National Association of Naturopaths. Fees for her services can be reimbursed under insurance plans that cover “naturopathy”.

Wendy Ryan also has expertise in the area of bullying and has published articles and made presentations in Canada and abroad.

Workshop Facilitator: Pam Taylor

Over the last twenty years Pam has designed and delivered a variety of training programs, workshops and seminars for numerous clients, big and small, on a variety of subjects. Pam helps businesses get more out of their people and helps people get more out of themselves. Pam’s strengths lie in her communication skills and versatility. She designs and delivers a wide range of management and personal development programs including team building, stress management, and interpersonal skills. She is especially interested in using Accelerated Learning techniques to help make learning stimulating, challenging and memorable. Pam is a qualified teacher for adult education and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

The Waterfront Wellness Counselling Environment:

Clients will start their first appointment in the intake room at 43 Bord de l’eau. This is where paperwork will be completed and forms will be signed.

Counselling and Life Coaching sessions will then be undertaken in the sunroom at 43 Bord de l’eau which offers a spectacular view of the Ottawa River.

Clients who opt for Eco-therapy will be given the choice of exploring the Ottawa River waterfront at 43 Bord de l’eau or walking to Wendy’s 56 acre lot containing two small lakes. Eco-therapy activities to choose from include: walking in the woods, sitting by the lakes, canoeing or kayaking on the Ottawa River.


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